Wednesday 21 May 2008

Sunset - 夕空

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II @ 17mm + CPL
F8, 1/60, ISO-100

Maybe not a good example for doing so but this is a trial for converting sunset-image to a B&W.
Original Colour Image.


  1. Good idea to try...a agree with you....maybe with a colored filter in front of the lens you could have a better result.

  2. I'm not using colours filter these days unless it's a B&W film.
    You can easily simulate it with RAW converter like Adobe LightRoom.
    Also, I always soot in colour, so not loosing any opportunity, you never know you want in colour as well as B&W from same shot.

    Do you think it need more contrast?

  3. Yeah, shooting in raw there's no need of filters.. the only one I'm still using is a polarizer, it really makes the difference for a great sky..

    I think if you adjust 'recovery' in lightroom, increase the hightlights and decrease the lights in the tone curve maybe you can enhance a little the sky.. (not sure anyway ;) )

  4. Cheers, Ruben.
    Yes, my active duty filter is CPL and ND8. Thanks for comment about adjustment, I will play little more with this image.
    I might also try some of those colour filter preset.


  5. If we forget the technicalities of conversion, considered on its own B&W merits, this is beautiful grayscale image conveying the feel of nature and photographic moment with a finely tuned graphical expression. It also conveys the pure joy of photography!

  6. Thanks, Lachezar.
    I'm comparing two versions after not seeing them (well,try to) for few days, I kind a favour to this B&W version over the colour one, now.


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