Saturday 30 September 2006

City View - 都市

Devonport, New Zealand
F4.5, 1/1250 sec

View for the Auckland City from Devonport.

Friday 29 September 2006

Thursday 28 September 2006

Waimea Inlet - ワイメア・インレット

Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand
F4.0, 1/60 sec (Contrast enhanced on the sky)

This is another example of interesting cloud formation. I think it is enhanced by the estuary when the water has gone.

Wednesday 27 September 2006

After Rain - 桜、雨上がり

Nelson, New Zealand
F3.2, 1/200 sec

Nelson, New Zealand - from Nelson Daily Photo
F2.2, 1/636 sec

Same day, same tree, different angle.

Tuesday 26 September 2006

Cherry Blossom - 桜、微風

Nelson, New Zealand
F2.2, 1/6 sec

A cherry blossom swinging in the wind.

Monday 25 September 2006

Shimmering - 輝き

Glenduan, Nelson, New Zealand
F4.5, 1/1250 sec

Is there summer before spring? Local news told us today has particularly thin ozone layer over New Zealand

On The Water - オン‣ザ・ウォーター

WOW Museum, Nelson, New Zealand
F5, 1/125 sec

Outside display on the shallow pool.

Sunday 24 September 2006

Wave - 波

Endeavour Inlet, Queen Charlotte Sounds, Marlborough, New Zealand
F3, 1/6 sec

It was just before dawn, and I found a bottle rolling back and forth.

Stream - 流れ

Rainbow Station, New Zealand
Auto, 1/15sec - 35mm film (Scanned from Monocrome Negative)

Saturday 23 September 2006

Foot Steps - 足跡

Marahau, Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
F5.6, Auto - 35mm film (Scanned from Monochrome Negative)

Friday 22 September 2006

Rock - 岩

Marahau, Abel Tasman national Park, New Zealand
F4, Auto - 35mm film (Scanned from Monocrome Negative)

Thursday 21 September 2006

Drift Wood - 流木

Marahau, Abel Tasman national Park, New Zealand
F2.8, Auto - 35mm film (Scanned from Monocrome Negative)

Wednesday 20 September 2006

Rainbow Station - レインボー牧場

Rainbow Station, New Zealand
F8, Auto - 35mm film (Scanned from Monocrome Negative)

This old wheels can be found at the entrance of the Rainbow Station at Nelson Side.

Sunday 17 September 2006

Mapua - マプア

Mapua, Tasman, New Zealand
F5.6, 1/800 sec

Blue sky, sea breeze, perfect day for sailing.

Saturday 16 September 2006

Marina - マリーナ

Havelock, New Zealand
F8, 1/250 sec (35mm film printed and scanned)

Wednesday 13 September 2006

Mushroom – 茸

Forest walk, Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
F5.6, Auto, Macro, PL Filter - 35mm film printed and scanned

Friday 8 September 2006

Whale - 鯨

Kaikoura, New Zealand
(35mm Film - scanned)

This series of shots were taken in 1992 when we went whale watching tour off from Kaikoura.
Some of the images have a light over damage on the negative, but I still treasure those shots and they bring back the excitement I had at the time.

Thursday 7 September 2006

Clouds - 雲

Nelson, New Zealand
F4, 1/80 sec

Yet another interesting clouds formation. It almost like stome is comming but it is not.

Tuesday 5 September 2006

Harry's Bar - ハリーズ・バー

Harry's Bar, Nelson, New Zealand
F5.0, 1/60 Sec

In front of Harry's Bar, after the rain, evening lights shines through.

Saturday 2 September 2006

Beach - 海岸

Rabbit Island, Tasman, New Zealand
F8, 1/40 Sec

Early evening of spring at a populer beach at Nelson area.
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