Thursday 1 January 2009

Purple - 青紫

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
Tamron SP MF 500mm F8 Reflex (55B) + Tamron SP 2X Teleconverter (01F)
F16, 1/90, ISO-400
On the tripod of course.

This lens and the teleconverter combination gives me a maximum of 1:1.5 macro capability. The lens itself can do 1:3 at 1.7m from the subject. It has quite good working distance and often I do not need a flash, which is very good.

This is a hydrangea with pale purplish blue colour.
A colour tone was manipulated using the split tone tool with LR to make this effect.


  1. That's a beautiful image Ben. Happy new year to you and wishing you another creative year with your photography. Hopefully we'll be a little less busy and will be able to visit more often :0)

  2. Yet another great image, dreamy calm colour and composition! Cheers Ben!

  3. The blues and purple go so well together in this low key image. Quite a creative floral shot. The light is very nice too.

  4. you isolated the flower so nicely. Surreal and beautiful colors in all of their nuances.

  5. Thank you for all those kind comment. Surely, the 2009 will be a great year in terms of creativity and photography. I will try much more different things that I wasn't usually done before as well as my old type passion (sky, landscape and so on). I'm hoping this blog would be a full of interesting mixture of image and new experiment.

    However, I have a death in my family and had to trip to Japan for while. I'll be back in some time in February, so keep in tune.

    Meantime, there are lot's of great photoblogs in my side bar, CoolPhotoBlogs and VFXY site to visit.

  6. j'aime cette plongée dans le grand Pourpre


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