Friday 23 October 2009

Window View - 窓

Nelson, New Zealand
Nikon D200
Ai Nikkor 28mm F3.5
F3.5, 1/1000, ISO-100

I'm in search of good and reasonably priced an "AI-s 28mm/F2.8" for a long time.
I just obtained this 1970's gem (old - well used lens), just popped up in my raider. It has scratch on front element, some fungus in side (tiny). I have cleaned mount as much as I can.

It still give me a good contrast - lens hood helps a quite bit. There is a no flair against sun.

It will be great for street shots with DX cams (28x1.5 = 42mm equip/35mm full frame) with set to around F8/F11 and taking some blind shots by using deep DOF. It's like good old days. I like physically restricting myself with help of a limitation of the prime lenses. I absolutely love love my 50mm, but 24mm is little bit difficult in some extreme case (flare issue).

This shall fulfil my purpose until I found a good copy of an Ai-s version.

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