Saturday 8 October 2011

Japanese Pot - いろはにほへと

Nelson, New Zealand

Olympus OM-2n
F.Zuiko 50mm F1.8

F1.8, Auto
Kodak ProImage 100 (not bad film for scanning....)

Natural light from the window.  I was trying out new toy (lens) and I'm really impressed the sharpness and rendering.   It's picking up dust in so much detail which I wasn't much expected and I guess I should have cleaned before... 
This one is so much easier to use and very lightweight compare to F1.2 in friction of price.  What a performer.   It's only single coated...  


  1. Thanks Pete.
    I haven't thought about converting to B&W on this one, but that could be more appealing as a image. As per test purpose of lens, I liked the rendering of colour especially the surface of pot and lettering.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I hope you can read, because I use a translation program. I understand that you have a new lens, and so this picture with natural light outside've taken. I must say that your picture truly wonderful happens in color and composition.

    Greetings from Holland by Helma


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