Saturday 23 September 2006

Foot Steps - 足跡

Marahau, Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
F5.6, Auto - 35mm film (Scanned from Monochrome Negative)


  1. Just finding this photo on the 13th october, a good while after you posted it and you may never read my comment, but I just had to tell you how wonderful it is. Some of the picture Eric posts in Paris have no photographic or emotional value and he'll get 40 comments and this one which is truly exceptional goes unnoticed... How fair is life? Not fair. But here and now I can tell you I love these footsteps.

  2. Nathalie,
    One comment like yours is equivalent to the 1000+ of good comments.
    Thank you so much and I ‘m grad some apart of me and Meg like this photo.

    This blog is not overly advertised and that may be a reason for little attention.
    Well, few people likes this space and
    I did not submit the blog to DP because I’m intended to post the pics all over the place where I went.

    Thanks again!

    Well, few people like this space and kindly put links to there place. I’m bit guilty not linking back but keep sidebar small instead registered to technorati to manage cross-link. Thank you for those of whom putting link to this blog.


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