Sunday 6 May 2007

Gallop II - 乗馬

Rabbit Island, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 35-135mm F3.5-4.5 @ 135mm
F4.5, 1/1250, ISO-100


  1. I just have to add, this is the first time I really checked out your personal blog and the photos here are wonderful. The one's with blues in the photo's are so vibrant and the sunsets are just beautiful.

  2. I love the layered look of this one, horses, ocean, mountains, farther mountains.

  3. Between this and the previous photo, I like this one best; probably because of the sparkling light and the extra points of interest. So many times when I view your photos Ben, I am reminded of Tasmania which is about the same latitude. I suppose the atmospheric light is similar. Your images have a very natural appearance - not heavily processed.

  4. Tena koe ehoa
    This is good Ben in it's composition. I actually like this for it's focal lenght (distance) and relative sense of "a destination" (composition) though I prefer the light/aperture of the previous gallop image.
    Although both are listed in exif as the same focal lenght and f/stop what you have brought to attention is the importance of the distance between glass and subject relative to f/stop and speed.
    With the top image I'd be more inclined to go with a higher f/stop to produce a stronger silhouette of the horses and riders. That would also give some depth of tones back to the landscape above the horizon without harming the wonderful water reflections too much and you still be able to have the sparkle on the curvature of the wave swell.

    Sometimes I hate giving critique as it might appear I only see a downside to images and technique.

  5. Thanks All!
    Ndiginiz, funny you said that higher f-stop shot. The next one is, in fact, exactly what I did.
    The subject is further moved toward sun, there fore slightly higher speed the previous one.

    I love to have critiques, that where I'm learning most. So feed me more, if you can.

  6. Oh I forgot to say.
    Gavin, thanks fro pointing out the "natural appearance - not heavily processed". I'm try to archive that in most of photos, but you know occasionally I have itches to make me play too much. I kept that down on this series.


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