Friday 26 January 2007

Comet McNaught - 彗星

Nelson, New Zealand
F2.8, 15sec (on the tripod) ISO-50

24/Jan/2007 10:08PM


  1. Fantastic capture. We are on the wrong part of the world to see it. This is a keeper.

  2. Thanks!
    It's once a life time thing, I guess.
    I feel so lucky that we can see this almost every night, when the sky is clear.

  3. Real lucky you guys! To get to see it and to get such a wonderful photograph too!

    So well done!!!


  4. Thanks Lachezr,
    We have very bright light around industrial area and town at night, so the most of tail is not seen on this photo. If I look at it with binocular, it show real good. I wonder if it goes more spectacular if I go somewhere without city lights.

    I wish my camera can do more than 15 sec...

  5. Hi Ben,
    You are lucky boy! I have been trying to observe the comet for four days, but the sky had never been clear.
    Nice shot.
    I keep watching your photos regularly.
    Best regards,

  6. I repeat, you are so fortunate! This is a wonderful shot, something to keep for prosperity.

  7. SPECTACULAR picture! Sure I would like to be there. Thanks for share it with us.


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