Saturday 20 January 2007

Palm Tree - パーム・ツリー

Nelson, New Zealand
F4, 1/640 (Contrast enhanced)


  1. Terrific pictures.
    I visited New Zealand in 2003... North Island only. I hope to come back one day, lovely place.

  2. Nice big healthy looking trees. I wonder if they are relatives to my Cyclops....

  3. Ex-Shammickite, thanks for stopping by and a comment. Do come over to NZ and visit South Island. I'm sure you like here.

    Photowannabe, thank you very much for all the your support on this blog. yes the tree is huge, we have about 5+ in row (all of them are about this size) at this water front space. It's very nice place. I was also thinking about your Cyclops posts when I push the "publish" button on this post.

  4. Nice blog. I like your beach and (Variable?) Osytercatchers on Dec 13th. Tell Meg, Goldfinches were introduced into NZ, from Europe, a long time ago, and are quite common. so she should be able to see one head on somewhere near you.

  5. Thanks Tony!
    The Oystercachers shot was inspired by Lachezar (Auckland) as I put two link on that post, when I saw the foot steps of them.
    I will tell Meg about Goldfinchers. You are right, I have seen them occasionally in Nelson.


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