Thursday 21 February 2008

Shake - シェイク

Nelson, New Zealand

Canon G3 @ 28.8mm
F3.0, 1/2 sec, ISO-Auto - Hand-held
Take on one hand in the air, knowing it will be getting really shaky image.


  1. These shots are quite enjoyable, aren't they! Good one!


  2. Very abstract and fun Ben...I like the bright squiggles of color.

  3. I must say it was almost accidentally than intentionally. I did rejected in fist,second third selection process but this always get little attention at the corner of my eye. I decided to rescue and I quite like the effect of camera shake in this particular case.

  4. Tena koe ehoa
    Images like this always have an abstract attraction that is visually inviting, this is a good example of that. I like the notion of people impressed without the flash and shutter speed.

  5. Cheers, TK.
    It's kind of fun to discover such as abstract effect.,

  6. Beautiful.
    What a riot of colours. great job.

  7. Cheers, Sujit. It was like playing with light.

  8. What a razzle dazzle of color and light! Quite a pleasing image. I once did some too in a factory but never got around to posting them. I like your shot Ben.

  9. Cheers, Gavin.
    After so many rejection of this photo and still ending up here tell me something in this accidental shot. I must practice and calculate the effect in next chance. Well, "Pleasing" is the exact word in my mind when I finally decided to post here.

  10. Kind of like the visual version of poets on acid, yeah?


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