Sunday 7 September 2008

Sky Tower - 夜

Auckland, New Zealand

Canon G3
F2.8, 1sec, ISO-50


  1. love your photos!
    but, the world's tallest unpainted concrete sewer pipe sux. Even when it's purple. Unfortunately. My unbiased opinion is: "hideous blot on the landscape."

    but all your phots are cool. well, all the ones I've seen. Except for that purple 下水 pipe.


  2. Cheers.
    Well, that's in Auckland and not here in Nelson. It's not that bad if you look the tower up close though. I love the silhouetted skyline of Auckland looked from the North Shore side.
    This is not exactly what I said, but pretty close. Have a look at

  3. yeah, the view at night from Bayswater or Nothcote is amazing. Except for that vertical sewer pipe. It's crass. And bad taste.

    From the time I was 16 to about 23, I used to spend a lot of time on the 4th floor of the university library, much of it staring out towards Rangitoto. Holy shit. That is a real treat.

    When you go to Christchurch, go and visit my friend Chris and wander around Lyttleton. The view from their sitting room is...priceless.


  4. Lyttleton must be a great photo opportunity. Thanks for tips.

  5. Kia Ora,

    Greeting from Auckland. I like your Sky Tower. I haven't attempted a night scene, my camera is not as good as yours, and my skill too.

    U studied in Auckland U? I was there long time ago. 30 years is looong?



    came via Pete in Hamilton.

  6. Thanks, Ann.
    This one was taken from the window of the Hotel when I was attending TechEd (Microsoft event) at Auckland in 2008.


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