Wednesday 10 September 2008

Stark's Cafe - コーヒー・スタンド

Auckland, New Zealand

Canon G3
F5.6, 1/80, ISO-50


  1. Hay dude i was wondering if i could feature some of your photo in my new production and on my blog which ins using blogspot...
    I would give you full credit and give you website name out on the video and on my blog to a site of your choice..

    You may think why am i doing this?
    well the picture of that fire truck and the sale guy well i love it!!!!! so i though ill give you credit!!!

    email me back please at


  2. Thanks for nice comment and interest.
    However, I'm not quite sure if I can give you a permission for use of the some of the photos here. I believe, some case, I need to obtain a model release to do so.

    I’ve checked your existing blog about gaming but cannot find the YouTube site since the URL mentioned on your profile lead me to 404 page. I have no clear understanding of your intention of your proposal. On the other words, it is all about which photos you want to use and the purpose of use and duration. I may be able to licence you some of the photos that I think reasonable with nominal fees.

    Sorry but I have to decline your offer at this stage. I hope you understand my position.
    By the way, you can post a link to the any of my post if you do not copy the contents.
    Feel free to contact me, if you would like to provide necessary information and still interested to have my photo.

  3. Ow ok
    well i tell you a bit about my self
    im usually a hardcore gamer and thats what is on my blog...
    An i found you blog whilst logging in and im not usually into art or photos well i was thinking of buying the camera you use but when i saw your photo's i loved them! some thing about them every day life i think
    But yeah my intentions i dont wont the rights to them i just want to make a video with you best shots in and a link to this blog say how good a photographer
    my youtube is


  4. Hi, Jonny.
    My answer is still the same.
    If you want to produce something out of the other person's work, you need to have a rights to use include in that particular purpose. Many people may be happy to give you a permission/license but at this stage I'm not comfortable to do so.

    Good luck for purchasing your camera and I hope you find the photography very interesting and inspiring. It can be a life long hobby or many case an occupation.

    If you like a street photos, I recommend to check the Rube;'s ReallyJapan that you can fine a link at the side bar of this blog.

    BTW, your you tube address should read "", otherwise my browser cannot find any page.

  5. Ow i understand

    thanks for the correction to my youtube url link...

    do you make money of you photos then because a few other photographers where very happy to get free advertising on youtube when i asked them

  6. Great capture of these very dynamic Auckland spots Ben! Cheers!

  7. It was a nice present day (actually a last day on our stay).
    I was watching a bunch of people playing touch rugby just after this but I've forgot to take a snap.
    It's a great place for observing the street life. There are many things going on at different time of the day, I think.

  8. I like the assortment of vibrant colors given added quality by contrast with the gray of the building and the pavement. Very good composition too.


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