Saturday 14 March 2009

Posing - 青鷺

Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
Tamron SP MF 500mm F8 Reflex (55B)
F8, 1/1250, ISO-400
monopod used


  1. Ben this is a great shot never heard of this Bird before well done ! 10/10 from me

  2. Thank you, Philip!
    This is a great complement especially after looking at your blog here.

  3. Yes, I believe the bird is posing - I've seen a cockatoo do it. The more people flattered it with their compliments, the more extreme its poses. It was quite entertaining. Nice catch, Ben.

  4. Thanks all!
    I started shooting with my 500mm mirror (manual focus) with hand held. the I realise I had a mono pod with me. and quickly attached and continue to shoot. Focusing mostly by moving the camera back and forth rather than turning focusing ring. Some good old manual camera era technique come back to action. It was real fun to do so. Well compare to advanced AF+VR (whcih I don't have), I may got less keeper, but Fun/Challenge is very important part of my photography.


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