Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lambton Qy - 交差点

Wellington, New Zealand

Nikon D200
Sigma EX 10-20 F4-5.6 DC HSM @ 10mm
F8, 1/125, ISO-100 

I did not correct strong distortion and did not remove all the lens flare.  Some may find the distortion as a irritation, but I found thus give some idea of large scale object around the big city.


  1. This is one of my favourite corner. I usually go for sculptures there, but this time I went for whole scene because Sigma was attached on my camera.
    It was bit tricky because of the positioning of SUB. I used my hand for extra blocking of unwanted right but that was not enough to remove flair. I might needed to use my cap instead.

    I'm start posting back stage comment ( if any) to face book page from next one.

  2. You know how partial I am about this city, and I must say that I truly enjoyed your Wellington black and whites. You are putting your wide angle to a very good use!

  3. Thanks, Lachezar.
    I just recently got this one. It's fun to use in the city as well as landscape. I try to capture the feel of surrounds. Otherwise, I always need something in very near me to include in foreground. Empty space is good in some case too, bust something or someone would help a lot to fill the space.
    An interesting thing is people wait until I put down the camera or hear the shutter sound where they think they are out of the frame, but they are all in the frame already. Sometime, I keep shooting but I try not to take the photo as they are showing gesture that they do not want in my pic. But, it usually give me a good/interesting composition, though.

  4. Stunning capture! I know what you mean about people in a shot Ben. It seems if you want people in the photo they all stay out of shot but if you don't want anyone in the photo everyone keeps walking into the frame! I generally just keep shooting and pretend I'm shooting something else and after a while hopefully no one notices you :)

  5. Good point, Pete. One day, I woukld like to experiment with wide angle on tripod with ND filters and very slow shutter to capture a movement of a traffic. Wonder how many stopped at the edge of the frame, looks like waiting to the photo shoot is finished.


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