Monday 7 May 2012

Super Moon 2012

Nelson, New Zealand

Panasonic Lumix GX1

Tamron SP MF 500mm F8 Reflex (55B)
Tamron SP AF 2X Teleconverter (300F)
F16, 1/50, ISO-160

Taken on 6/May/2012 

A 500mm mirror lens + 2x converter on m43 camera.  It is 2000mm equivalent for 35mm full format.  No crop, straight out of camera (via LR4) with little contract enhance.  It is a colour image.

Note to myself: It could be better using high ISO setting of the GX1 and allow to use fast shutter. I'm still not getting used to this camera as I was almost always set to base ISO with D200 on tripod.  The GX1 is more capable of high ISO than D200.

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