Monday 11 December 2006

Observe - 発見(9/9)

Rabbit Island, Tasman, New Zealand
F5.6, 1/80 sec

Bright colour in the shadow.
This is the end of close-up series. There is a few more form this beach.


  1. This with a little imagination looks like an alien space ship that has landed on the beach.
    Beautiful almost neon colors on the shell.

  2. Thanks Photowannabe. The colour of shell caught my eyes in first place. The shape of the shell is quite ordinary but turns out nicely.

  3. The different shades of colour in the shell make it special!

  4. An incredible variety of seashells!
    Beautiful pictures.

  5. Thanks Kate, Merisi.
    It's just a short walk to find those shells, pine corns, etc.

  6. This is an intriguing photo. I too imagined it as some sort of spaceship. But, I truly love the contrast of smooth and rough, pastels and earth tones. Nice work!


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