Thursday 14 December 2006

Rest - 休息

Rabbit Island, Tasman, New Zealand
F4, 1/125 Sec

This is actually a large drift wood. Image what you see...


  1. Is it the Loch Ness Monster rising out of the sea? HeeHee

  2. Cheers, Photowannabe.
    It can be Loch Ness Monster.

  3. Oh, a Rorschach test? :-))
    Spontaneously, when I looked at the picture the first time, I saw a swimming raising his arm, in triumph or distress, I wasn't sure.
    Today it looks more like my little dachshund next to a tree trunk.
    I definitely have looked at it too long. ;-)
    It's a beautiful picture, any way you look at it: I love the play of light and shade and the mental image it forces on me, the vicinity of the sea which I love.
    (who for some reason cannot sign under her blog)

    Best wishes from Vienna,

  4. Merisi,
    I see how you saw the object, I've got it after few seconds.
    The commenting has gone funny for last few days. We send to beta include this blog. That could be it, but I've heard other blogger talking same issue. I posted your comment above by cutting/pasting form your email (Thank you for taking time to write comment in that way).

  5. At my fantasy mercy, I see it as a dog taking a rest in the warm sand as evening falls...

    Good one Ben!

  6. Thank you very much, Ben!
    It's interesting, how the image changes in one's perception.
    Greetings from Vienna,
    Hi to Meg! :-)


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