Tuesday 26 May 2009

Coffee Break - コーヒー・ブレイク

Smith the Grocer, Wellington, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 24mm F2.8
F5.6, 1/3, ISO-400


  1. Two forks are meant foe sharing. Honestly I wouldn't share such a cake! Beautiful photograph, good on you that you took a moment to take it!

  2. Nice repeat of triangles and circles! I saw three of each at first but the more I look the more triangles I see! This shot would definitely go with the coffee photo if I had a cafe to hang the pictures. (Trying not to notice the cake and cream, have not had dinner yet, but boy I could sure do with that to go with a coffee right now.) Lesley Expat Kiwi

  3. I like the image too with its repeating triangles, but would like to see a little dodging in or levels to bring out some more highlights. Just looks a tad flat. But compositionally, it's beaut. :)


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