Sunday 14 August 2011

Good Vibration - サウンド

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon F4s
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4D
F1.4, 1/15
Kodak ProImage 100 ISO-100 


  1. Thanks Pete. It's a quite well made copy from Fernandes (Japan) in 1980 or 1981. This model is FST-65T.

  2. Thanks Pete.
    They make quite remarkable "real copy" called RST series and that is well regarded and many say better than fender at time of manufacturer.
    The FST series has Fernandes’s own enhancement such as extra fret (22 opposed to original 21), hotter pick up and cupper sealed internal compartment and so on. I replaced bridge to Wilkinson 5+1 model recently as old one was correcting grime or rust that cannot remove. It was single piece die cast one but not bad as many little improvement (Large slot on intonation adjust screw at back of saddle, best design of string through hole that ball is just perfectly sitting at near bottom of sustain bridge for instance.
    I have an acrostic as well; my parents bought it for me for 1/2 prices because of some scratch on surface. I'm sure even though, it wasn't cheapest selection at the shop. It is a beautiful (except those 2 little deep scratches in 1 inch+ on front board). It is a K.Yairi YW-600. Great sound, but I need a lot’s of practice as I haven’t played more than 2 decades.

  3. Yes, I found it is quite relaxing just to make some noise ;-).
    Mine is both has a minor scratches and dents but that's all part of my good memory.

    Good lick hunting the one you like.


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