Tuesday 7 February 2012

Up Close - 抜殻

Nelson, New Zealand

Panasonic Lumix GX1
Tamron SP MF 500mm F8 Reflex (55B)
F8, 1/125, ISO-160

I found this cicada shell in garden.  Instead of using macro lens, I grabbed this mirror lens.  it was surprisingly well balanced.    I used tripod because it was bit windy for this kind of shot to do with handhold especially with 1000mm/F8 equivalent to 35mm full flame.
GX1 + $20 mount adapter + Tamron SP 500mm (reflex) 
[PS: 8/Feb]: Oh and forgot to say that I was shooting about 2m (or less) away from the subject.


  1. Good experiment but sharpness of result didn't impress. Is it maximum sharpness of this system or windy weather consequences?

    1. I agree with you about sharpness of this.
      It is basically the shutter speed is not fast enough ( 1/125). I should have shooting in manual mode instead of aperture priority.


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