Wednesday 14 March 2012

Hart - ハート

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm F2.8
F5.6, 1/60, ISO-100

My RED filter on the open book.  I put white copy paper on the page and use a single flash from behind the filter.  
The pop up flash on commander mode and wireless slave on TTL to avid chance of my SC-17 TTL code getting in the way or cast shadow.
Camera was on tripod and few shots in different flash angle to get one cast the good shape of hart with black flame around.



  1. Wow, Ben! It's fantastic!
    Discover the secret how you planned this shot?
    Did you know how to make heart from filter or saw this piece by accident?
    Is a pity that you were late with this publication for exactly a month.
    It would be a good illustration of Valentine's Day - 14th February :)

    1. Thanks Artem.

      This is kind a old trick that often the wedding photographer ( and that is not me) is using. Some case ring with bible. You see the picture right...

      I did this for my mate who is recently engaged. So I can give a print for a gift.

      BTW. Did you know, in Japan, 14/Feb is that girl gives little gift to boy and 14/March boy return for that (called white day). All commercialised but that what happen or happened when I was in teenage paradise. ;0)

    2. Thanks for your comment.
      I really seen this trick first time.
      I like images like this: when shadow or reflection of object look like another object. I try to take a shot when I see something like this.
      In Russia 14/Feb is very commertialized too and it's started few years ago. In my teenage paradise we present for another person little heart from paper and call it "Valentinki" (on Russian).
      But now I receive many spam before 14th Feb what tell me what best present for Her of for Him for this day are notebooks, iPhones or (!!!) home refrigerators :)

    3. Yeah. things are changed a lot...

      Please do try it, it's not so difficult. You could use a touch instead of flash if the colour of light is ok for your intended effect. It's not necessary red filter but another colour or special effect one? Although, I haven't tried other than red one far.


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