Wednesday 10 October 2007

Cloud and Tower - タワー

Wellington, New Zealand

Nikon D200
Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II @ 50mm
F5.6, 1/1000, ISO-100

There are two identical towers like this. My friend reckon it could be a aviation guide pole, or some such.


  1. Fabulous! Like taken on another planet!


  2. lovely depth to that cloud formation, how tall is that tower i wonder?

  3. I love the perspective in this photo. With nothing else around for scale, it looks as if the tower is so tall that it is above the clouds.

  4. Yes, it does look very tall, like a hazard! But the clouds are fantastic. Is that the moon back there too??

  5. I think the perspective is what is making it seem taller than it actually is. Am I right?

    I do like the clouds. They remind me of the sky and clouds you see all over Montana -- it is called, "Big Sky Country." And we noticed it almost the instant we drove into the state from North Dakota. The sky just seemed a lot lower.

    I thank you for coming to my blogs. And I noted your comment about Sendai-shi and that site. There are 1200 photos for it that I have yet to have the time to get online. I have only put up a random sellection of photos trying to make each soldier's name a category. I don't have them all up yet.

    I spent from the fall of 1953 to the summer of 1956 on Hokkaido and Honshu, mostly in and around Sendai-shi. I loved it there then. I liked the people a lot in spite of the propaganda we got during the war. And I will be the first to admit there was a lot of cruelty during the war.

    But it was totally different after the war was over.

    I also got to go to Iwo Jima in 1956 just before I came home. That is a different place to be. I saw things there that made me shudder.

    Thanks again. I hope you can come to the Sendai-shi site again.

  6. It is really tall! and there are two of them.
    Well, it may be exaggerated by the perspective or the position of cloud, but it is tall.

    Abraham, it is so interesting to go though your "Sendai-Shi" blog. To me, it's kind of the "Post war Japan, viewed by a group of American soldiers" and that is before I was born (double punch, here). What a project! I hope your Japanese friend get this published as a printed book in some day. I will definitely come back.

    Here is the link every one.


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