Saturday 21 October 2006

Bark - 樹皮

Nelson, New Zealand
F2, Auto (Nikon F4s 50mm F1.4)

At the Mac's Sculpture Symposium, Nelson Arts Festival 2006.


  1. OK, can I say this??? "People, I did this first!!! Ben, why are your verifications so looooong?

  2. Yup, and interesting to see how it comes out differently.
    I like your shot as well as this one.

  3. I hate it when you do this because I like yours better. And I hate word verification!!! Isn't it good enough I'm sitting 50cm from you?

  4. Very interesting sculpture. I like the curves and textures.

  5. Thank you Photowannabe,
    I think the guy piled them at the side of big tree after making "Jammin' with James" .
    I think this is equally interesting.

  6. Ben, thanks for visiting my blog and your great comments and advice.

    I love the shapes, colors and textures here.

  7. Thanks Faye,
    We all do try and error and I think it's part of fun.
    Have fun for your post processing!
    And thnak you for kind comment on pic.

  8. Unusual photo. Any background on this?? Going to see Meg's now!

  9. Kate,
    The bark was stripped from the firewood, and the firewood was used to make a sculpture.
    Those are leftover, I think, but quite nicely placed.
    So, Meg took first few shots and I took this one.
    Thanks to Meg for noticed this.

  10. This is superb and spectacular Ben, I love it.

  11. Thanks Nathalie,
    I should say Thanks to Meg as well. She found this subject first.


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