Tuesday 31 October 2006

Iron - 鉄道

Blenheim, New Zealand
F8, 1/160 - Old Photo Effect


  1. Thank you!

    Oberon, Your blog title is fabulous as well as you photos!

    Photowannabe, I found some rain drop in lends so I did some play with the image. I tried B&W but I decide to retain colour but add retro effect. It turns out very interesting.

  2. wow... this photo will be great for something im writing now... well at least i get some inspiration... bye

  3. Esta fotografía es maravillosa! Todo el blog es excelente. Great work! Great art!

  4. I looked at this photo, again not knowing anything about photography and not reading the 'bits' underneath and I thought "Hey, this looks like an old photo"......so, mission accomplished Ben! Well done!

  5. Thanks Kath!
    No need to know anything about photography for just enjoy the image.
    I'm glad you like some of mine and thank you for comment.


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