Friday 27 October 2006

Lonely Cow - 牛 (彫刻)

Tasman, New Zealand
F4, 1/160 sec


  1. It looks like it has been there since before the Brits, waiting for company.

  2. almost looks like a Grandma Moses painting.

  3. Definitely this one, it puts it into context.

    Ben and Meg, you are doing a fantastic job. When I get the time to explore your part of New Zealand I'll ask you for a Nelson daily photo and Ben's Sketchbook location guides...

    Best wishes

  4. Large expanse of both sky and green pasture are well-balanced.

  5. Wow, thanks Photowannabe.
    Lachezar, you might need to pick photos you want to visit...
    Late, colour comes out quite well on this day.

    Thanks All!

  6. Hey, I saw a couple of similar carvings when was travelling in that area recently. There must be a master who creates these amazing figures from the big stumps. Great shot.

  7. Thanks Victor!
    I saw your blog and looks like you had wonderful time traveling from CHCH to AKL!
    Thank you for stopping by!


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