Friday 10 November 2006

Forgotten – 片隅

Old Farm Equipment Museum, Blenheim, New Zealand
F2.8, 1/50 - (Temperature 7500, Tint +10, Shadow 80)

I found this particuler tractor is rather comical but someone might find a nostalgic feel about those old equipment.


  1. I love old farm equipment. The red one looks a bit like a bug :)

  2. I love old equipments and tools. It have lots of character and often higher quality than new one. (well at least had tools). I think the red one looks like cartoon character and he is talking funny story.

  3. Aaaah wonderful. The colours, the composition, everything is just right.

  4. Thanks Nathalie,
    I think the Colour temperature adjustment gives this shot more apparel.

  5. Beautiful, yes I thought nostalgic first, but now you mention it, yesw.. comical.. looks like it's from Bob the builder! lol

  6. Bob the builder! LOL. It's just like that!
    Cheers John.


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