Sunday 12 November 2006

Rain - 小雨

Blenheim, New Zealand
F4, 1/500 - Contrast adjusted (Brightness -15, Contrast +15)


  1. Very dramatic photograph. The house dwarfed by the hanging gray clouds and black outline of the trees in the foreground...

  2. Thanks Lachezar,
    This red roof house was very attractive in the rain.
    I wanted to catch heavy clouds and large space in the field.

  3. What a landscape, what a sky! There's an incredible sense of space here.

  4. Thank you Nathalie,
    I'm glad you like it. Normally, when I was there, it was beautiful blue sky, but rainy day has another face.

  5. Hey this is nice Ben, well done. Love how you framed the pic with plenty of sky and the lines of the trees kept to the left. Well done.

  6. Beautiful. I've wanted to tell you how much I liked this landscape since I first saw it.
    One of my favorite writers, Arno Schmidt, was also dabbling in photography, and the red roof and the lighting reminded me of one of his pictures, a favorite of mine:

  7. Merisi,
    Thank you for kind comment and introduce your favourite photo of Arno Schmidt. I have just checked the site you mentioned. Unfortunately, I cannot read the text but, yes, this particular photo has dynamic impact by it'[s rich colour and darkness of sky and effect on its surround to lead audience to the house in centre. Very good photo indeed, and I'm honoured that remind that kind of quality photo from this shot.


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