Saturday 18 November 2006

Power Line - パワー・ライン

Wainui Inlet, Tasman, New Zealand
F8, Auto - 35~135mm Nikon F4s (35mm Film - Scanned from print)

Image quality wise, this is not quite there. Scanning from film did not give me a acceptable sharpness, the print was not quite what I wanted. However I like this scenery, so here it is.


  1. Fantastic colours on your last two shots Ben. The poles(I guess electricity) add that just needed touch of perspective. Brilliant

  2. Cheers, Lachezar.
    Yes it's a electricity poles and Meg find this while driving and we stop and took a shot.
    I like the way those pales are lined up.

  3. Hello

    I am enjoying looking at your blog, we are just going into winter here in the frozen north so nice to see some summer time pics, I liked the apple blossom, our apple trees have just lost their leaves
    If any orchards your way have outhouses, maybe you can post some pics to compare

  4. Thanks Dave,
    Yeah, I will try either here or Nelson Daily Photo, if I had any chance.
    It could be more chance in walking trail than orchard though....

  5. I am a little bit confused, as I do not understand why such poles are set on place that looks like a beach / bay ...

  6. Matthieu,
    it's a bay and some people have batch around there and well as some lodge for accommodation. Any civilisation need power, therefore the is a power line. May be it was easer to set-up this way rather than clean up the bush and put then over the hill. I do not know the exact reason, but it gives me this interesting shot, so I'm happy with their (whoever it is) decision.


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