Friday 9 February 2007

Audience - 観客

Nelson, New Zealand
F4, 1/400


  1. I really like the bright colors of the people and the coolness of the shade.

  2. Thanks Cristina, Those tow in front has get cool shade while most of them has quite bright sun.
    I focused to the those two in front since that was my interest. I Think I should make little more bluer on back though...

  3. The guy in centre (the busker) performing all sort of usual thing, juggling, joking, asking volunteers to audience. At the back, someone controlling PA for background music and sound effect. Very professional, I would say.

  4. What a great way to spend some summer time. Looks like lots of people enjoyed themselves. I hope you did too.

  5. Thanks Photowannabe,
    It was my lunch brake and I had to back to work in short time, but ye I did enjoyed and kids are having great time there.


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