Monday 7 May 2007

Gallop III - 乗馬

Rabbit Island, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 35-135mm F3.5-4.5 @ 135mm
F4.5, 1/5000, ISO-100 (-1EV)

Against evening light, I deliberately adjust a exposure to make riders to be a silhouette.

PS. Ndiginiz, I was thrilled to read your comment on last photo, because that is exactly what I did on this. Funny that we were thinking same thing.


  1. Ah yes! This one I like the best of your Gallop series. This is so much more visually stronger. The beautiful silver water - I love that. The riders and horses seem to be just ambling along here giving a sense of peacefulness and relaxation in this lovely place. The 135 mm lens has brought those magnificent mountains closer but the hazy atmosphere leaves me tantalized thinking about what is there in that mysterious murky background. The brooding clouds make a great backdrop behind the landscape and give depth. The silhouettes are perfectly positioned in the composition. Not only is there very nice strong contrast between the light and shadow but there is also contrast in textures between the soft background and the gritty sand and sculptured surface of the water. You adjusted the exposure very well.

  2. Very nice. The silhouettes stand out well against the sea. Of the series posted I prefer this one the best due to the boldness of the riders, but I prefer the composition of the previous shot. I realise though that if the riders were further to the right they would not be backlit so much by the water. Well done.

  3. Wow. I like this one best. Beautiful.

  4. Thnak you Gavin for a great comment. I was thinking to get more reach like 300mm, but 135/200mm that I already have gets quite good result for what I do. (I'm not quite a nature close-up shooter. So, I guess I should go wider route to avoid to much stitching work.) This 35-135 is quite handy lens, only complain is that it can come close to only 1.5m away except at 35mm which has macro with manual focus.

    Bob, I kind of agree that I like the composition of "Gallop II", but for this If I pane the camera. sun gets straight in to the lens and produce other problem like flare and ghost. I think it worked well with the backlit form the water as you also mentioned.

    Thanks Jam, I'm glad you like this one, too.

  5. I agree with Gavin, Ben, this is your best shot of the Gallop series. I think the placement of the horse group is just right, excellent shot really!

  6. Tena koe ehoa
    Yes a much more visual impressive image, and there you have it! 8)

  7. Thank you Nathalie.
    Yes, I've got it, Ndginiz.


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