Saturday 18 April 2009

Circuit - サーキット

Nikon D200
AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm F2.8
Tamron SP AF 2X Teleconverter (300F)

F3.2(F6.3), 1/5, ISO-100


  1. Cheers.
    This is a RAMDAC ship from old S3 Vision 968 video card. It's not even 3D capable but was top of range 2D graphics card in around 1995. It's before the chip maker integrate RAMDAC to GPU.
    This board has another variations that using the chip from TI instead of IBM. I like this one and kept because of this particular chip. It's good looking and wanted to do a macro shot in one day. The card is still usable with PCI bus,BTW.

  2. The board makes a nice neat graphic Ben, if you will pardon the play on words. I like the colors - it's really a perfect photo.


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