Wednesday 13 June 2007

Big Sky! - 大空

This is a revisited version with extra cropping on the foreground. Thanks for Ndiginiz for comment on this, I think this better for this picture by omitting unnecessary dark area. I left all the water and edges on both side.

Here is the original version (before cropping).
Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 24mm F2.8

F8, 1/400, ISO-100 (left)
F8, 1/640, ISO-100 (Right)

This photo was taken another 4 hours later from previous post.

I've been playing with two photos.
Adjust with Lightroom, Photomarge in perspective mode with CS3 and futher perspective collection with lens correction filter.


  1. Tena koe ehoa
    Expansive panoramic result Ben. I really like it. (Though I think I would have cropped to the foreground waterline just keeping the mountain range on the horizon and the lake/river below it?)
    I think that the landmass in the foreground photographically isn't visually relevent as it appears largely dark and undefined.

  2. Hi Ben, I have been so snowed under lately that I haven't had the chance of commenting much but I must say that I kept on visiting and admiring your photos.
    I admire your sky and clouds shots as always. And I think what I like most in them is the lightness, air and feeling of space - a much more difficult intangibles to convey in photographic terms than the heavy stormy skies many photographers prefer. and your magic touch as usual.

  3. Yes, Lachezar has a point about your lovely skies Ben. With regard to the cropping, I find that my view is different to ndiginiz. I suppose people see some things differently sometimes. I actually prefer the original which shows a bit more foreground. I find I sometimes get opposite views given about my photos too. We are all different.

  4. Thanks Lachezar,
    No worries about commenting as long as you enjoy mine as I do with yours.
    On the other hand, I love to have a constructive view of other photographers, so I can lean more from those comment like you did here.

    Thanks Gavin,
    It maybe depends on the monitor, some shows the foreground really dark and some show not so much. I did play several different cropping after Ndiginz left his comment. I understand everyone has different preference and it is very subjective - that's why this is interesting to have everyone's opinion.

    I made both to be same size rather than smaller thumbnail for the original version.
    I like the revised version to draw eyes more to the main subject (sky) but I guess more people might prefer original version which I prefer the balance. To me it is a very hard choice.

    This blog is is showing my work and progress, so I'm glad having those opinions and opportunity to experiment options.

    Thanks again to all of you!

  5. I see the merits of both photos. I would have left the foreground, it is dark, but still holds some detail of the buildings and things.

    Either way, they are nice photos Ben. This is something I'll have to look into doing. I just ordered a new tripod, and maybe I can try a panorama shot soon.

  6. Tanks Jam.

    Believe or not, my pano shot are all made by hand-held. Well, it gives little wastage when you put photos together.

    When you using tripod, make sure you pane the camera at centre of focal length.

    Here is the link that explains it.

    Enjoy your new tripod!


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