Saturday 2 June 2007

Victoria Rose- ヴィク・ローズ

Trafalgar SQ, Central Business District, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
F2.8, 1/15, +1/3EV, ISO-200 (Top half)
F2.8, 1/15, +1/3EV, ISO-560 (Bottom half)

I didn't have wide enough lens at the time of this shot. So, I did this in photomearge again. The colour version is also posted at Nelson Daily Photo.


  1. What a nice clear evening shot! The building looks soft.

  2. Tena koe ehoa
    I really like the light here Ben. This colonial styled building has a quality of architectural design that is defined explicitly by natural and artificial light. I like how we see the intricate design and ornate nature of the patterns and shapes of the chattels.
    I think it'd be worth capturing "the building" with different variations of natural and artificial light from the same position as a comparative series of images?

  3. Thanks, Ruth, Ndiginiz.

    :the building" series is good idea and same time it will be a document of them. The building itself and surrounding could be changed so rapidly.

  4. I really love the lighting in this photo. I can't really describe what appeals to me though. Something about the light on the upper center of the building and the gentle tones.

  5. Thanks, Jam. I'm glad you like it that match.

  6. This photo is stunning in B & W as it is in colour. It's definitely a great job !!!

  7. Thanks, Fabrizio!
    I remember you left comment on colour version of this shot at Nelson DP other day. I'm glad you like the B&W version too.

  8. Although I didn't have time to comment, I have been following your b&w city photographs, and as much as I liked the single shots day by day I loved the dynamic perspective of street life they conveyed individually and as a collection!

    So well done!

  9. Cheers, Lachezar.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the series. I may get back to the theme and adding the photo to the series time to time.
    It is a great learning method to take snapshot in town and see it in B&W.


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