Saturday 30 June 2007

Midday II - 真昼 II

Blythells Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Zoom-Nikkor 35-135mm F3.5-4.5 @ 135mm

F5.6, 1/2000, ISO-100
Apply fluorescent white balance. I think it gives more accurate feel on the silvery water surface.


  1. I still think yesterday's look like B/W!!

  2. Ah, there's that lovely old cruiser again but closer now. Looks like it would be a comfy vessel and one with some charm, not one of those sharp, fast plastic things. Of course the water is wonderful, it seems to be scintillating with movement on account of the sculptured texture of the sparkling surface. This one also sends me off into dreamland. I also like the positioning of the boat in the frame. I think may be a very slight amount of chromatic aberration giving a little bit of purple fringing but I actually think it contributes a nice bit of complexity to the colors and a richness to the sea surface.

  3. I like the near silhouette of the boat. You were very successful with the water treatment. The image is very appealing. Well done.

  4. Hey, that's a neat little trick! It does look very good the way you got that sparkling water to look so textured!

  5. Cheers, everyone.

    I need to lean how to effectively remove CA in the future.
    I think the CA is part of sparkling water texture in this image. So, I decided not to spend too much time on this and live with it as part of texture. The fluorescent white balance (pre-set) gives present feel of the texture and I quite like it.

    Meg, about yesterday's it looks like B&W and maybe there is and huge difference if I converted, but it is a colour.

  6. I like this one a lot too. As much as I've been near open water, I cannont get enough of seeing the sunlight glinting off the waves. I guess it will always seem magical to me. You really capture the "feel" of that for me with this one.

  7. Thanks, John.
    In may case, changing white balance out from "Auto" surprise me in good way. This is one of them, I like the effect a lot. If I keep the WB in "Auto" it is lot like yesterdays post (Which I like in different way).


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