Saturday 14 July 2007

Drive Thru - ドライブ・スルー

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4

F2.0, 1/40, ISO-100


  1. I see this is further to the left of the previous shot. Again there are a number of points of interest. There are the individual scenes framed through the windows, the face and poster on the wall inside, the cars in the driveways, etc - there is plenty of activity. Well composed too.

  2. thank you ben for voting and for your encouraging comments. you've got a great collection here.

  3. i like this variation even better. esp. marilyn peeking out through the window. nothing like a dead hollywood icon to sell some burgers!!

  4. Grreat night shot. I like how the scenes pop and give demention to the picture.

  5. Thank you, everybody.
    This is my best BK shop shot on that day. I found this "Drive Thru" sign pooping up in dark at first and watching the cars that queueing there not moving much. I Also find little reflection on the sign. There you go, who can resist not taking one or two shot. I actually did take few with blanketed espouse setting. This one was the pick.

    I will show you one more night shot from this day and couple from next day. So, stay tuned.

  6. Is the brightly lit posters inside that does it? Isn't it?
    You notice them first, then the people sitting inside, then the cars outside. I enjoy this layering. Lots of mood too!


  7. Yes, posters are inside.
    My fist attention was the "Drive Thru" sign post, but while framing this, I included all this bright posters and so on. I'm glad you like it, Lachezar.

  8. Hey, we go away for a few days and it's difficult to catch up with the amount of pics you're posting ;) Great little series here and especially like this one, full of modern icons.


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