Friday 13 July 2007

Night Snack - ファースト・フード・レストラン

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4

F2, 1/20, ISO-100 (hand-held)


  1. I really love this kind of photographs and this one in particular! I couldn't tell you why, but it does speak to me, and is not because of burgers or Burger King...


  2. I agree with Lachezar, and I can't explain it either.

    Although I had many bathroom stops at the BK in London on my way "home". Always happy to see it.

  3. Love the lights. A really nice, night time shot.

    I'll have a double whopper with cheese, please.

  4. Thanks!
    The BK opened there very recently and, boy it was so clouded on first day. There was long queue of people and cars!

  5. The D200 gave a good quality night image here. Nice crop and composition and also good color balance. Plenty of little scenes framed by the windows to explore. My eye eventually finds the two posts on the right hand side and I wonder what is around the corner.


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