Saturday 28 July 2007

Arrival - 着陸

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
F2, 1/40, ISO-100

Here is another shot few moments before and treated with several LightRoom pre-sets.


  1. Oh, that's a nice time of evening to land. Very lovely.

  2. Oh, I had a similar thing to say. Its that magic time of day. I like the glint of light on the aircraft's engine. I'm not sure if it is a reflection or a landing light.

  3. Lovely lighting in the sky. What a great place to land!

  4. Very nice picture and a good treament...could you tell us more about it ??

  5. I love the skyline colors... my favorite time of day is when the sun is just rising or setting.

    I look forward to seeing this beach! Just six months and I am going there.

  6. if the plane looks bigger here would be much better ;) Well done anyway.

  7. I think I like this one better. The sky is a bit more dramatic with the landscape portrait.

  8. The time of day and subdued color range brings up nostalgia and longing for travel and discovery of new places... Beautiful rendition!

  9. Nice shot with the evening sky and the plane just gliding in.

  10. Thanks, everyone.
    Gavin, it's a landing light.

    Kheoh, I see your point and I kinda agree but this is what I could do with my camera setting at time.
    Cheers for such a constructive comment, Kheoh.

  11. lovely landscape image! Nice sky and the silhouette of trees. Composition is awesome!


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