Saturday 7 July 2007

Jetty - 桟橋

Blythells Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Zoom-Nikkor 35-135mm F3.5-4.5 @ 58mm (PL+ND8)

F22, 4.5s, ISO-100

I kept other side of the bay to show narrow sounds and the colour is exactly what I saw on the day. It was truly beautiful morning.


  1. Stunning image ... you made this kiwi woman homesick. I lived in Blenheim a while and used to run away to the Sounds regularly.

  2. serenity ! very pleasant looking photo.

  3. Very peaceful scene! Lovely reflections in the water.

  4. Yes, Bobc is right, the reflections are lovely. Of the last two shots of this jetty, whilst both are great photos in their own right, my preference is for this latest one called 'jetty'. I like the richness of color in the image and the texture of the foliage on the left and the fact that it has more content in it than the previous one. I also like the depth of the shadowy background. Of course, that is just my perception.

  5. the reflections and the morning light illumination of the scene are beautiful, Ben ......

  6. Fantastic light and capture. Well done!

  7. Tena koe ehoa
    Ben theres a great gamut of colour in your image that brings home the richness and relatively clean air we do have here in our beautiful country.
    Just yesterday on the way to Auckland I was saying to my daughters how rich and vibrant the colours are and that they seem so vivid in a reality like no colours elsewhere in the world.
    You captured a warm golden glow in a natural contrast with a deep calming and cool blue many Kiwi's will identify with but now think to themselves just how beautiful it really is.
    Ya' gotta love this place!

  8. Well that's what makes a great image, that different people will see it and perceive it in different ways and will find their own way of identifying with it! And of course this unique New Zealand light which you have captured so beautifully!
    Fantastic image Ben!

    Apologies again for the delay of my comment. But it seems that my Home Internet connection can't finish loading the comment pop up's of some blogger sites.

  9. Beautiful shot. Quite a difference from the view a few days ago.

  10. Stunningly beautiful, rich colors as has been said.

  11. Thanks every one, I think this is the best shot among I took a series on that day. Meg likes previous one and some said they like one I posted to the Nelson Daily Photo. This was my first pick but I've not quite reached to my final decision. There is another one that capture more wide area complete with the edge of the beach and slightly orange cloud beyond the hill at other side. I have printed three (two form this blog and one I mentioned) and comparing them. Local arts council is planning exhibition and all the pro/armature can submit their work. I'm thinking to submit one of them so I will take my time for selection until end of August.

  12. I like this one so much, though the one just previous (without the trees and shoreline) is also stunning for different reasons. I can see why Meg likes that one better -- it reminds me some, of ikat woven/dyed patterns -- the reflections and water surface texture counterpoint with the geometry of the railing along the dock and the pilings.

    This one, however, draws me in more. Somehow I feel as if I am there -- and I can feel the glow of the sun on my shoulders as I gaze as I gaze at the tranquil water.

    Both equally gorgeous photos. I wish you luck, Ben, choosing one (or more?) for the arts council exhibit -- and good luck at the exhibit.

  13. Thanks, maureen!
    So far, this one is my fist choice...

  14. Lovely photo, nice reflections in the water, looks so peaceful.


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