Sunday 15 July 2007

Phone Booth - 公衆電話

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4

F2, 1/15, ISO-450

A Telecom NZ phone booth has this fantastic design of silver fern. I like too look at it at night especially with those lights.


  1. Your D200 takes very good quality night shots and very natural looking too. That's indeed a classy phone booth. I find myself peering through the ferns to study the interior of the booth. Maybe Dr Who can use the design to tart up his Tardis!

  2. Thanks, Moi.

    Gavin, I took this where plenty of light available. I usually take few shots with different exposure and pick one has minimum noise level. I think the lens contributes IQ as well, but take espouser right is important for low light condition. I took many no-good shots as well.

    It's a hand-held and no flash. The 1/15 (or 1/10) on 50mm prime, That is about slowest hand-held shutter speed I can live with my D200 or F4, but not with FM2.

  3. Tena koe ehoa
    I really like this image Ben for it's clarity and it's technical application. Really great light/aperture and that lens you've got is worth every pixel it sees.

  4. Thanks, Ndiginiz.
    I love my 50mm/1.4. This is the first lens I bought in 1989, when I switch to Nikon from Canon and I also had a FD-50/1.4 before this. It's great prime lens, very versatile in any condition. I'm kind of getting used to the 1.5 cropping factor that make this standard prime to short telephoto prime. I can recommend this lens to everyone.


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