Tuesday 28 August 2007

Sunset - 夕焼け

Nelson, New Zealand

Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II @ 36mm
F2.8, 1/400, ISO-100

It's just 40min ago. Quick test of new lens.


  1. Ben, out of these last two sunsets, I like the second one better. Initially I see the beautiful sky but it's actually the mystery I find in the dim silvery light on the water and the vague details just visible in the foreground which ultimately attract my attention. The sky and foreground compliment and give meaning to each other. Each would be weaker if they were to stand alone. So there is more to a sunset sky than meets the eye. I think some subdued foreground helps a lot. The previous photo has less of this interest than does this shot because the landscape is more formless being crushed in darkness. I might have been tempted to fiddle with the sliders in Photoshop's image/ adjustments/shadow/highlight tool to lift the darkness of the landscape just a little.

  2. Lovely colours and textures in the sky here. I too prefer this second one, it hints very much at a large open landscape and is a little more controlled than the previous.

  3. This is just a fantastic image! I'd frame this one too...


  4. I totally agree. This one has more dramatic and interesting formation of cloud and so the bottom third of landscapes.

    Gavin, I think your suggestion is for previous shot. I guess you are right, I could have done those dongle brush to bring little more detail the that area. The shot (previous one) has two highlights. One is the cloud and another is the thin line of bright halo on the setting sun. So I did left there little dark to emphasis this halo.

    Today's shot is from top of my shard driveway and those houses are neighbours. So, I intentionally darken a bit. Ultimately, it gives me a good feel on the sky and landscape beyond those houses.


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