Wednesday 1 August 2007

Nelson Fire Station - 消防署

Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
F1.4, 1/20, ISO-200 (Hand held)

Original colour version here.


  1. Works very well in B/W, Ben. Good shot either way.

  2. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I love the tones.

  3. Good exposure here - I like the lighting.

  4. I get a real sense of a quite night at the station with color and contrast treatment, lots of atmosphere!

  5. Oh! This is cool, Ben! I like the three versions of firetrucks.

  6. Thank you everyone!

    At the far left on this picture is an ambulance (they are sharing garage with fire engines). Someone called them at time I was taking pictures and they are about going for action. You will see one person rushing to the ambulance at side of it.

  7. That's a great image. It seems to be still but it manages to convey the sense of urge and dynamic.

    Good one! I prefer it in B&W by the way

  8. Cheers, Lachezar.

    I was planning this for a week in my head since I just happened to pass in front of this station after dark. The ambulance was called when I was shooting. Although it wasn't in my plan but give me a better shutter chance. - I hope that was not so serious business.

  9. Ben, this is a perfectly framed and very good composition, a triptych which works very well. Your timing was great and the sense of drama is excellent because of the hurrying ambulance officer in the otherwise still scene. Although I like b & w images, in this case, my preference is actually for the color one - for some reason it seems more real to me in color.

  10. Thanks, Gavin.

    I actually like both equally and yes colour one have more real life.
    I decided post B&W here, because it has more concentrate for photographic elements like composition, contrast and drama of the scene.


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