Wednesday 7 March 2007

Farm Gate - ゲート

Rainbow Road, New Zealand
F4, 1/1250

This is one of the farm gate we need to pass through. Open, through the gate, and leave as you found (usually) or follow the sign attached to the gate.


  1. I assume this is to keep sheep, cattle, etc., within a certain perameter?

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Ruth,
    Yes, that keep animal in place.
    No worries about a link, I really like your blog.

  3. Looks like we are on an adventure. Nice shot.

  4. Thanks Photowannabe.

    This is actually very much close to the end of the Rainbow road. (Few Km left from here, but I haven't got any interesting photo.) Tomorrow, we are at Hanmer Springs.

    Collection to this particuler gate, it is the boundary gate so it divide two Sheep Stations. We have lot's of gate that just divide the paddock to keep animal in place and few boundary gate like this.

    The Rainbow Road will go though 3 large sheep stations, Rainbow, Molesworth, and St. James.

  5. Ben drives; I get out and open/shut each gate. But it's ok; I'm more in dire need of "energy-out".


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