Monday 12 March 2007

Motel Sign - ロード・サイン

Maruia, New Zealand
F4.5, 1/160
Photoshop - Monochrome (channel mixer) and spot colour layer.


  1. I like the photoshop effect. Nice post

  2. I think that I'd better learn photoshop. The sign stands out and then allowed me to take a second look at the rest of the photo.

  3. Yap, photoshop is fun and give me more possibility. I think you can do this with any image editor which support layer.

  4. That's great!
    You remove some colour, but leave just a touch to intensify the meaning which otherwise will be lost and leave the rest to imagination!

    Great simple image!

  5. Cheers,
    The yellow part of the sign is the only bright colour on the original image. It might get smiler effect with colour original. However, like you pointed out, this transformation will largely enhance the visual effect to draw the eye on there. Thanks for comment, Lachezar.


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