Saturday 31 March 2007

Street - 街

Nelson, New Zealand
F4, 1/100, ISO-100 (Nikon D200 + AF 35-135) - test shot 2

I'm also playing with Adobe LightRoom (trial) to see how it goes.


  1. Brilliant sparkling grayscale in quite a difficult light setting. Knowing the scene, (this is the only place in Nelson I've been personally the visits to your blogs excluded), you captured a great street shot.

    Tell me one day what you think of Adobe Lighthouse


  2. Thanks Lachezar,
    Image is bit washed out< I did not fire the flash to fill the light, because of the situation that I was just borrowing the camera for test drive. I will try same sometime since I just purchased D200.

    Light Room is great but it can not read most of NEF specific settings that Nikon encrypted in the file, But it is workable with some predefined calibration settings.
    I will get this later this month, unless something else is take my mind.

    Well, Now I need more time for post process until I found suitable pre-sets for both camera and software.,

  3. wow.
    thats a nice picture.Pictures in black and white are always the best ones!
    thanks for dropping by at ADP!
    Ampang Daily Photo

  4. Dude. I just bookmarked your site. What a great B&W street photo! Not to mention the other great ones on your blog. I'm looking forward to going back through and seeing your past posts.

    I started a new photo blog myself called John's Daily Digital Images if you care to go and check it out.

  5. Ben, great street scene and the b&w works for the shot.

  6. Hi Ben! Mostly I like the mottled light on the pavement that you caught in this one. The gray scale is good and the image is nicely framed. The street in the background is given a nice touch of mystery by being visible only through the spaces between the foreground objects. Nice one! Oh, the black and white was a good choice.
    I had a browse around your blog this morning and found some very nice images; interesting also.

  7. Thanks Gavin. The original colour image seems to be weak at somehow washed out background because of the strong sun and relatively dark shadow. This is a one of test shot I did quickly before knowing any turn-up of camera. All auto out of camera image that I was working for couple of days trying different things. I settled this B$W as blending background and foreground in balance. I could do with photoshop to burn part of this image but I haven't gone that far.

    (Edited typo} original comment posted on Tuesday, 3 April 2007 11:27:00 PM NZST.


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