Saturday 24 March 2007

Fisherman - 釣り人

Nelson, New Zealand
F4, 1/160


  1. Tena koe ehoa
    I like the tranquility of this image. The sparsely clouded sky has a hint of a warm winter afternoon or morning. Isolated in a vast rea such as this can be wholesome for the soul and the manufacture of thoughts.

    Thanks for dropping in at "nativ flavaz" Ben, I extend my own greetings to you in return.
    Ka kite ano ehoa.

  2. Nice composition Ben. I like the layers of colors and the color of the sky reflected in the water.

  3. Thanks for kind comment Ndiginiz and Photowannabe.

    This is relatively warm evening. I was on the way back to home after work, driving at beach side road and find this colour covering over the rocks road. I had to stop taking few shots. It was just no other option.

  4. Wow Ben you certainly know how to bring up the light and colours of sky and sea...


  5. Thanks, Lachezar.
    It comes out straight out from My camera. Raw format shot but all processed by ACR with default/auto settings. I did played a little but back to the original, I guess I have another lucky lighting condition presented by nature.

  6. I'm loving these sunset shots. So calming. Just gorgeous. How fortunate you are to see it first hand.

  7. In the quiet of the evening - what peacefulness. How lucky for us that you stopped to take the picture!

  8. Lovely light, Ben. Nicely composed too. I especially like the subtle tones depicting the layers of mysterious terrain in the distance which are better seen when the enlarged image is viewed. The whole scene reminds me of Tasmania where I once lived for ten years.

  9. Cheers Gavin,
    When I show this small fishing boat, I was thrilled because I knew it's going to be very good. I'm glad I did this right. I do like this image most in this day's shooting.


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