Wednesday 18 April 2007

Oyster Cacher - 浜辺の鳥

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
F2.8, 1/60, ISO-100


  1. Both this one and the one below are really nice. The birds in this one, but in the one below that interesting cloud formation over the distant mountains is the star.

  2. I quite like this one. The tonality of the last light of the day, the lights at the distance, the cars headlights... I think the oyster catchers in the foreground contribute to the mood an make it quite special.

  3. Thanks, Jam, Lachezar.
    Both shots are taken same day in series. This one I came closer to the oyster catchers and take a shot while try not disturbing them. As you see I only had 50mm on camera and this is what I've got. It turns out quite present tone and mood, I guess.

  4. These last two photos, for some reason, remind me of Tasmania where I once lived for ten years. I think its the colors and mood, the landscape in the clouds and the light. The houses have a similar appearance and the presence of the docks remind me of Hobart. New Zealand must be a beautiful place. I had a look at the Google map and satellite image and found this beach and surrounds. It's funny but that hill in the background reminds me of a similar hill in Hobart and it is called 'Mount Nelson'!

  5. Lovely, the birds, colors, hillscape, mountains, clouds, everything is lovely! Nice bigger photos too!

  6. Thanks, Gavin. I never been to Tasmania before. It must be also Beautiful place and what a coincidence of naming for 'Mount Nelson'! Thanks for story.

    Thanks, Ruth. I was bit anxious about bigger photo since some of my viewer is still in 800x600 in my stats, but majority is over 1024x768 now. So, I hope it's OK. And thanks for comment on the photo.


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