Saturday 21 April 2007

Sunset - 夕暮

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
Left: F2.8, 1/30, ISO-100 (Exposure adjusted later on LR)
Right: F2.8, 1/50, ISO-100

Little experiment with software.

The exposure value is adjusted to match both image is same or very close (Lightroom).
Two images are both cropped and tiled on a a black background layer (Photoshop).
The top is the original natural colour version and the next one is one I add 100% vibrance to the photo by LR before arranging on the background layer.


  1. Ben, the 100% vibrance certainly gave it a lift but I think it is too much and I really preferred the original natural appearance. If you feel like doing some more experimenting, maybe you might find it interesting to try some selective use of Photoshop's brushes? I use the sharpening, dodge and burn brushes just on parts of the picture. For instance, lightening the sand as well as the reflected light on the water with the dodge brush set to highlights might be worth a go. I often sharpen the foreground up - you could try about 15% strength and brush over the sand with your mouse until the texture starts to come up. You need to set the size of the brush too. If you want a bit of a color enhancement, go to Photoshop's image, adjustments, hue/saturation - a slight increase in red saturation might give a nice warm glow under the clouds. Beautiful background hills by the way. Thanks for your comments too - I appreciate such constructive thought.

  2. Gavin, thanks for fantastic tip of photoshop. I use brush (burn, bullier, dongle) and smart sharpen occasionally and layers. I didn't use that technique on this one since I was experimenting what the LR can do. I do need little more practice on Photoshop side of editing though.
    Yes the vibrance applied this is quite extreme and I do like the original natural shot better.
    May be slight more volume up on cloud and little addition to the contrast?

    It's fun to play and see what effects are bring up in front by those software. It transforms same image to totally different situation.

  3. Very nice scene. I often find its easy to "overcook" alterations, but I find selective adjustment layers invaluable eg to pump up the contrast in certain areas. It's good to see you trying out techniques.

  4. Thanks BobC,
    I will come back to this one later.
    I like the original one, so not truly require alternation but fun to see what effect could transform this to different scene.


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