Friday 20 April 2007

Panorama - 浜辺

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, New Zealand

Nikon D200
AF Nikkor 50mm F1.4
F2.8, 1/50, ISO-100

3 image into 1 by Photomarge.

Second image added after receiving comment from ndiginiz.
Crop angle -.078
Contrast +50
Black Clipping +10
Highlight Recovery +50
Extra blending adjustment in Photoshop.

I have decided to do not to much alternation, but hey playing with Lighroom to change to B+W, even sepia tone, or adding more vibrancy to colour will transform this photo to totally different image. It's fun but I need to stop somewhere... I think the second image is better already. Thanks ndiginiz!


  1. I like this a LOT. What beautiful places you get to explore!

  2. WhooHoo..this is beautiful Ben. Nice highlights on the water.

  3. This one has warmer colors which are nice. Those hills and the coastline look beautiful. It's nice the way the light is pouring through behind the darker cloud bank.

  4. Thank you all!
    All my lenses has "Skylight 1B" filter attached (almost all the time). I bought them in Japan and used there with my film shooting. In Japan the 1B filter is very common as well as usual UV filter. I like the effect of the 1B on film, even in NZ lighting condition. So, it is still on, semi permanently. I do take it off occasionally for direct sun light, or swap with a CPL. However, I see not much effect of 1B with Digital camera because of this Auto WB.

  5. Tena koe ehoa
    Very nice panoramic view Ben I like the soft colours and how they float, though I find myself wanting just a little more volume and body in the dark areas of the clouds just to contrast the light araes. The horizon/waterline looked off level when downloading and appears so.

    In case you're not aware there's no "comment link" for your latest post?

  6. Ndiginiz, Thank you for comment and you are absolutely right. The horizon is just slightly off from level. I must be little hurry and not seeing that point or may be just too busy to correcting blending point. Very useful comment about dark area. Thank you very much for suggestions.

    Also, thank you for pointed out comment link. I corrected.

  7. Hi Ben,
    Very interesting work on this photo, I like the second photo better too. Hadn't noticed the horizon not beeing horizontal, too busy enjoying the light and lines and colours, and fading hills at the back.

  8. Thanks, Nathalie.
    It was just slightly, so I missed it at first time. But the second of is far much better than I originally posted, don;t you think. This is my learning space, so I really love to have a constructive comment like Ndiginiz's one.
    I'm glad you liked the second one too.


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